Edelweiss Bike Travel Gone Global

The venerable touring company goes all out for its 30th

For the last three decades, Edelweiss Bike Travel has been one of the top motorcycle touring outfits on the planet. In honor of the firm's 30th anniversary, founder Werner Wachter has put together a gigantic two-wheel project: a motorcycle tour around the globe. And it covers all five continents.

The expedition starts November 14, 2010 at the company's headquarters in the Alps. The first segment runs to Paris, France, then south to Dakar, Senegal, taking 5 weeks and including a crossing of the Sahara desert. From here, rider and machine are flown to Buenos Aires, Argentina for the second section through South America, which ends in Bogota, Columbia after 9 weeks. Crossing the Panama Canal, the third section heads up to Los Angeles, taking a breezy 5 weeks. From there, a flight across the Pacific delivers riders to Australia, where the mission is 7,000 miles in 4 weeks.

The fifth and last section from Beijing, China to Mieming, Austria covers most of Asia and Europe. On July 20, 2011, the team is scheduled to make its triumphant return to the Alps!

Even better, this extraordinary run will be operated in cooperation with Kevin and Julia Sanders of GlobeBusters, who hold the Guinness Book record for the fastest circumnavigation of our Earth on a motorcycle.

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