Accuracy of Internet Classifieds Called Into Question by Area Man | Last Page

LONG BEACH, Calif., Feb. 6—Who among us hasn’t spent an evening or six in the double-wide in our boxer shorts, browsing eBay (you can’t spend the whole night cleaning firearms, you know) with a bottle of Jack? Turns out there’s some real treasure on the Internet, at least if you believe the ads. And what with this whole scruffy vintage café-racer resurgence sweeping the nation, who’s to say you can’t snap up a neglected ride with a quick PayPal click, and with a turn of a wrench and just a few reps of wallet crunches turn it into a gleaming, re-imagined vintage missile that some poser who doesn’t know any better will pay top dollar for?

That’s why an area man, who spoke to Last Page on the condition of anonymity, jumped on the bandwagon with the promise of a pristine Suzuki GT-550 Indy, depicted in the brochure shot shown in the original posting. “Almost too good to let go,” the seller proclaimed, and the eager customer bought it, hook, line and sinker. Weeks later, a crate arrived, and with pry bar in hand, the new owner excitedly extricated his new “beauty.” True to the seller’s claims, it ran when parked—right before the fire. The upside? That looks like a pretty good front wheel and brake! And with a quick shot from a rattle can and a JC Whitney universal seat cover, it’ll be right back up on Craigslist by the weekend. “Hottest GT-550 ever” seems like an accurate description… MC