How To Keep Clean While You Work On Your Motorcycle

MC Garage tips for managing the mess.

Six ways to manage the mess in your garage.
Six ways to manage the mess in your garage.©Motorcyclist
mechanics gloves
1 // Wear gloves, and pull fresh ones on frequently. Gloves are the simplest way to keep your hands clean, and a fresh pair is the best way to have contaminant-free digits for handling critical components.©Motorcyclist
greasy containers
2 // Eliminate messy containers. The grease tub, oil bottles, aerosol cans, and open oil pans are the enemies here. Keep your grease tub and other containers clean and closed, and use a drain pan with a lid.©Motorcyclist
sweeping the garage
3 // Sweep! Sweeping at the end of the day during cleanup is a given, but sweep before you start too. Dust can’t rise off a clean floor, and finding dropped objects is easier when there’s no clutter underfoot.©Motorcyclist
mechanic's apron
4 // Wearing an apron protects your clothes and offers useful stowage for oft-used tools. Plus when the lunch bell rings, all you have to do is remove the apron and you’re wearing clean, presentable clothes.©Motorcyclist
cleaning tools
5 // Wipe down your tools before you put them away. A clean rag will do the trick, but a rag misted with isopropyl alcohol will get those tools squeaky clean and residue free.©Motorcyclist
oil spills
6 // Paper towels and rags are like gauze in an operating room. Keep lots of the stuff handy. More absorbent materials—like Pig Mat and kitty litter—help prevent spills from becoming much bigger messes.©Motorcyclist