How To Do A Rolling Burnout

Six easy steps to impress

Bikes and burnouts go hand in hand. If you really want to impress folks at the next bike night, shift things up a notch by adding some forward motion to your burnout for a real smoke show.

Safety First

Understand the consequences of your actions. Ensure the area in front of you is open and clear of obstacles, people and road debris. Make sure to wear quality motorcycle safety gear from head to toe and sturdy above-the-ankle boots.Brenda Weaver

Get Rolling

Start out at a slow speed—approximately 25 mph seems to work best. Make sure the motorcycle is in first gear. Begin on flat pavement and travel forward, in a straight line. Keep your eyes up and look ahead, not down at the front wheel.Brenda Weaver

Shift Weight Forward

With knees bent, stand on the footpegs. Shift your body weight forward over the front of the bike and press down into the handlebar. The more weight up front, the easier it is to unload the rear and commence the burnout.Brenda Weaver

Work the Controls

The goal is to suddenly break traction. It’s tricky. Apply gentle pressure on the front brake lever, then simultaneously slip the clutch with a generous application of throttle. Engines that produce a lot of torque are ideal.Brenda Weaver

Twist It

Once the rear tire spins, keep it spinning quickly using throttle. Rolling burnouts require commitment; if the tire suddenly grabs traction, you’re in trouble. Make sure to fully release the clutch lever to prevent excess wear.Brenda Weaver

Burn Rubber

Control vehicle speed with the front brake and weight your feet to steer the bike. When you’re ready to end the burnout, gently let off the throttle or depress the clutch lever while keeping the motorcycle pointed straight ahead.Brenda Weaver