Horst Saiger At The Těrlicko Roadrace

The Austrian roadracer gives an inside look at the Czech Republic race

In this video, roads specialist Horst Saiger gives us a behind-the-scenes look at the Těrlicko roadrace in the Czech Republic.

While roadracing's epicenter may be in Northern Ireland and on the Isle of Man, Europe's grand roadracing tradition gives a glimpse at racing's genesis. Racing, after all, was born on public roads. The International Road Racing Championship (IRRC) keeps the tradition alive. The IRRC also hosts rounds at Hengelo in the Netherlands, Imatra in Finland, Chimay in Belgium, Hořice in the Czech Republic, and Frohburg in Germany.

Horst Saiger at Těrlicko.Libor Krmasek

Saiger walks us through the scene at Těrlicko, praising the down-to-earth qualities of the event. Amenities? Few and far between. Glitz and glamour? This isn't MotoGP. Coffee? How about a beer instead? The affable Austrian loves it. From shooting schnapps with fans at the finish line to being awarded a patio chair on the podium, Saiger seems to revel in the humble and offbeat nature of the event. Saiger's love of racing is contagious. He's one of the great ambassadors of the sport.

The Isle of Man will always be the pinnacle of roadracing. The IRRC rounds, though less prestigious, retain the heart of the matter. There’s no pomp, the spectacle of racing is undiminished by peripheral distractions, and no one’s walking away with a big paycheck. Racers are there for the love of it.

It’s the same spirit that draws the average (and below-average) rider to hit the local track. You don’t have to travel around the world for good racing action. Find your nearest racing event, grab some buddies, and make a day of it. It doesn’t matter what it is. As long as it’s on two wheels and there’s adrenaline in the mix, you can be sure the spirit of competition will promote action and drama. Go for the camaraderie. Go because it’s racing.