2017 saw the first ever High Pipe Motorcycle Festival in China Peak, California. This event, hosted by the Bonnier Motorcycle Group, offered some serious scrambling fun, and was dedicated to the simpler side of do-everything scrambler motorcycle—the original form of freedom on two wheels. The latest gear was on display from vendors such as Rev'it, Bell Helmets, and Alpinestars, test rides of the newest bikes to hit the market were available from Honda, BMW and Ducati, and a seemingly endless number of trails through the High Sierras were open for exploration.

Following any of the suggested routes on the REVER app brought you to the epicenter of the weekend's activities, including (but not limited to) the Motorcyclist Magazine Rodeo Competition, group rides through the Sierras down to the gorgeous Huntington Lake, Hiking to the Indian Pools, the HighPipe Bike Show, or the famously entertaining REVER Hill Climb.

Here's a collection of shots from some of the many wildly entertaining events from the weekend among the pines.

The China Peak Inn greeted road-weary riders with open arms, offering endless hospitality and revitalizing meals.Photo: Julia LaPalme
Bert Beltran and I tackled the Motorcyclist Magazine Motorcycle Rodeo, attempting to traverse a tight, technical and narrow course with BMW Rnine T Scramblers.Photo: Julia LaPalme
There were times (such as above) during which I found myself getting a little too hasty with my inputs and entirely forgetting the fact that I was on a heavy, cruiser-derived motorcycle.Photo: Julia LaPalme
Bert, on the other hand, seemed to only have one speed: full throttle. It was almost impossible to get him off the course once he completed his first sighting lap!Photo: Julia LaPalme
There were so many beautiful trails open for riding over the weekend, and there wasn't a corner to be rounded that didn't present a stunning view of the mountains.Photo: Julia LaPalme
Back in the vendor area, there were many bikes on display, such as this custom 2017 Honda Rebel.Photo: Julia LaPalme
There was even a troupe of classic Honda CT110 motorcycles that made their appearance!Photo: Brody Cox
I really enjoyed seeing this modified Harley-Davidson Sportster. During a photo shoot in the hills, I heard a thunderous roar, and turned to see this same bike and its rider bombing up a steep hill, throttle pinned. Nice.Photo: Brody Cox
A mid-'80s Honda VF500F? Right on! This example was an earlier model (I'm going to guess 84-85 based on the paint scheme) and it was in excellent shape.Photo: Brody Cox
On the other end of the motorcycle spectrum, these two beautiful Indian motorcycles were on display during the weekend's festivities.Photo: Julia LaPalme
The REVER Hillclimb was one of the main attractions during the weekend, and it definitely didn't disappoint. Pictured here is the CEO of Ducati U.S.A. who rode 4 hours to the event, and then sent his Scrambler Desert Sled straight up the hill. That's just plain cool.Photo: Julia LaPalme
Certain race starts were, well, rockier than others... (I'll see myself out).Photo: Julia LaPalme
This awesome BMW Rnine T Urban G/S was one of the first models in the country—and it quickly found its home on the technical Hillclimb.Photo: Julia LaPalme
Nathon Verdugo did the Ducati marketing team proud, and posted one of the fastest Hillclimb times of the day—while riding two-up.Photo: Julia LaPalme
One brave soul challenged the hill with a humble Honda CBR300R and the willpower of legend.Photo: Julia LaPalme
...We're not joking, this guy literally annihilated most of the competition. When asked why he chose the CBR, he shrugged and responded, "It's cool, man, this is my girlfriend's bike!" A brave man, indeed.Photo: Julia LaPalme
For every modern bike that came along, there was also a cool, calm and collected vintage classic, such as this Yamaha XS650.Photo: Julia LaPalme
A sweet overhead shot captures this rider and his early-model Ducati Scrambler confronting the intimidating Hillclimb.Photo: Julia LaPalme
This custom Suzuki DR could be heard long after it disappeared among the pines, thrashing its way to a podium finish.Photo: Julia LaPalme
The community fire pit was popular among visitors once the temperatures began to drop in the evening.Photo: Julia LaPalme

We at Motorcyclist are very glad to have seen so many of our dedicated readers and fans out at HighPipe this year. Are you bummed you missed out? Don't be! We'll be back before you know it—and we're already thinking up ways to make next year's event even bigger and better. If you want to follow our progress, keep a close watch on highpipemoto.com, and feel free to leave your suggestions and comments! We look forward to seeing everyone next year, so start prepping your bikes now (yes, even your CBR)!