High-Viz Habiliments That Could Save Your Hide

Like this issue's cover story, motorcycle gear used to come in two colors: orange and black, the former for the safety-conscious, the latter for everybody else. We've come a long way since then, but the findings of the historic Hurt Report still hold true: Motorist failure to detect and recognize motorcycles in traffic is the predominate cause of motorcycle accidents. Don't become a statistic. Don some dayglo and be visible.

**Aerostich Hi-Viz Lime Yellow Roadcrafter Suit **
Short of draping your body in glow-sticks, there's nothing that can top the conspicuity of the Aerostich Roadcrafter in hi-viz lime yellow-the most visually accosting color on earth. Developed specifically for riders with an uncompromising concern for safety, this suit ensures every driver within eyesight is painfully aware of your presence, all while providing the comfort, convenience and all-weather protection that has made the Roadcrafter a legend. Photographic reproductions do it no justice-this suit glows, even in bad weather. Also available in standard colors and sizes, the Roadcrafter can be infinitely customized to suit your needs starting at $797.

Hyper-Lites Auxiliary Brake Lights
MSF instructors suggest flicking your brake lights when you're preparing to slow down, but even then your motorcycle's meager taillight might not be enough to notify the distracted driver charging up behind you. To help avoid the dreaded rear-end collision, may we suggest a pair of Hyper-Lite's extra-bright auxiliary brake lights? Mounted to your bike's rear and wired to your brake light, these epoxy-filled modules house eight super-bright, microprocessor-controlled LEDs that flash rapidly when the brakes are applied, then go solid. Various functions and configurations are available, with the two 16-LED modules shown here retailing for $75.95.

Comagination VisiPath Headlight Modulator
Motorcycle headlights don't always register in the minds of oncoming motorists, so Comagination has engineered this VisiPath headlight modulator to vary headlight intensity four times per second for an attention-getting effect. Slightly larger than a stack of quarters, the VisiPath fits within the headlight housing of any cruiser or sportbike and has weatherproof solid-state circuitry for dependable performance. No splicing or wire cutting necessary; it plugs right in to your bike's harness and comes with a photosensor that deactivates the modulator when the sun sets. Available for single and dual headlights ranging from 75 to 230 watts, the Visipath ranges in price from $59.95 to $89.95.

Kuryakyn LED Replacement Bulbs
Being seen is important, but so is effectively communicating your intentions. Your bike's stock incandescent turn-signal bulbs can't match the brightness of LEDs, and have the potential to burn out. Replace them with Kuryakyn's LED units and enjoy the peace of mind of significantly brighter and crisper flashing action. Priced at $39.99 each, these bulbs are comprised of 32 individual super-bright LEDs and offer full hemispherical illumination. While they are a straight swap for most OE bulbs, you will need to wire a load equalizer (resistor) to keep them from doing the spaz-flash.

Appliedgraphics Helmet Kits
Appliedgraphics was founded on the principle that increased visiblity leads to increased safety for the rider. Sounds like a solid philosophy to us. Toward that end they've created these graphics kits to bring some reflective power to your helmet, making you more visible at night and in poor weather. Cut from sheets of automotive-grade 3M retroflective tape, one kit contains enough pieces to turn any full-face lid into a beacon. Choose from black, white, red, orange, blue or yellow, with several styles to choose from. The $17.95 Lightning Bolt kit in black we sampled blends in during the day yet blazes at night.

JMH Motorsports ReflectGard Kits
The more visible area you display, the better your odds of being recognized. Increase your nighttime perceptibility with one of JMH Motorsports' bike-specific visibility kits, which feature 3M Scotchlite retroflective decals for the rear, sides and corners of your ride, plus a selection of trimmed remnants for your own creative applications. Custom-cut to complement each model, kits are available for bikes with stock luggage as well as Givi and other aftermarket luggage systems. (Shown here is a kit for an original Kawasaki Concours affixed to a new Concours 14-don't ask.) They come in OEM color-matching silver, red and black. Starting at $18, they're an inexpensive and easy way to boost your conspicuity.

First Gear Kilimanjaro 5.0 DayGlo Textile Jacket
One notch down from hi-viz yellow's paralyzing effect is First Gear's latest-generation Kilimanjaro jacket in dayglo/gray. Made to withstand the rugged riding conditions of the African continent, the Kilimanjaro comes in a hi-viz version with a generous helping of dayglo yellow to insure maximum visibility in the most rugged and dangerous environment of all: the rough and dirty streets. A waterproof and breathable 600D shell is host to six cargo pockets with weather-tight zippers, CE armor in the shoulders, elbows and back, and a myriad of stretch panels and adjustment straps to produce a perfect fit. Cut for both men and women in small and tall sizes, the Kilimanjaro 5.0 retails for $299.95.