Henderson Sets World’s Non-Motor-Stop Record In L.A.

Gustafson Wins 60 1-2 Hour Professional Struggle Covering 1392 Miles Bennett on Excelsior Puts Up Game Battle for 1368 Miles, Then Withdraws

From the June 1918 issue of Motorcyclist Magazine

Los Angeles, June 16. - After 60 ½ hours of riding, non-motor-stop, Arthur Gustafson on a Henderson today was declared winner of the professional class in the Los Angeles M.C. elimination-endurance run. Gustafson covered 1392 miles, averaging 23 miles an hour, which is a world’s record for this class of contest.

Originally scheduled as a 24-hour event, the run started at midnight Saturday, June 1, with five professionals, and six amateurs, competing. The expiration of the first twice-around-the-clock period was sufficient to bring in a decision in the amateur event, R.D. Bissett on an Indian wearing out all competition and continuing without penalty until time was up. Bissett won the gold medal for amateurs, covering 552 miles, while Joe Aguilar on a Harley-Davidson, who was the last to be put out in this class, earned a silver medal.

Three survived in the professional class at the end of the first 24 hours, viz. Gustafson and Roy Artley on Hendersons, and Wells Bennett on an Excelsior.

They started on another 24-hour grind at midnight, Saturday, June 8, and Artley was retired by lighting trouble during early morning of the 9th, but Gustafson and Bennett rode another dead heat to the finish.

This pair of iron men went into action at midnight last night for the third 24-hour round. At 11:30 this morning, Bennett on arrival at control, and with 1368 miles to his credit, announced his withdrawal. Both he and Gustafson were tied at this time. Bennett’s motor was ticking like a Swiss watch, but the springs of his front fork were crystallized and on the rough part of the course, the broken leaves were rubbing the front tire and making steering increasingly difficult.

Arthur Gustafson, World’s Non-motor-Stop Record Holder, on His Winning Henderson at Finish of 1392 Mile Run