Hello, Housekeeping? | Fashion Police

What we have here is a fine example of foreign hospitality. Only overseas would we find a sexy-time, two-wheeled “maid service.” Call the company listed on the bike and a young lady of barely legal age will be dispatched to your front door. I doubt Svetlana can clean much wearing those high heels, but I’m sure there’s no shortage of customers willing to watch her try! Obviously she’s not dressed for the ride, let alone the crash: Schoolgirl knee socks aren’t quite as protective as one might imagine. At least she’s wearing a carbon-fiber Louis Vuitton butt protector—though we bet it’s a cheap knock-off from her local downtown fashion district. One final word of advice for Svetlana and her co-workers: If you’re going to wear a skimpy outfit on a motorcycle, maybe forego the helmet with the picture of a babe wearing an even skimpier one!

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