Held Warm N Dry Winter Gloves | MC Tested

Founded in 1946, Held started out as a small family business in Bavaria. Today the company cranks out an extensive line of riding apparel, and has more than 3000 dealers around the world.

Made in China, the Warm n Drys are medium-length cold-weather gloves. They feature thin goatskin palms (the better to work with heated handgrips), hard-shell knuckles and a bevy of Gore-Tex-branded materials that are protective, stretchy, comfortable, breathable and waterproof. A handy squeegee blade affixed to the back of the left index finger provides raindrop-clearing capabilities, while 3M Scotchlite accents give some reflectivity at night.

Available in sizes 7-12, our test unitstagged as Largeran a smidge big on my size-9 paws. First impressions were good: The gloves were immediately comfortable and allowed tremendous wrist mobility and great control feel, the latter two attributes not usually found in winter gloves. On the downside, the wrist-strap closure’s hook-and-loop material is not plentiful. We’d like to see more fastener surface area for a good, tight grip.

Winter storms offered the opportunity to test the Held’s cold- and wet-weather capabilities. The Warm n Drys lived up to their name, providing a moisture-free riding experience, with enough insulation to keep my hands comfortable throughout the 50-degree range for at least a few hours. As such, they’re an excellent three-season riding glove.