Hayes Interviews Beaubier After Superbike Race One at Utah

The Monster Energy / Graves / Yamaha teammates engage in friendly banter over on-track competition.

Teammates aren't always necessarily friends, as we've witnessed in the ranks of MotoGP racing. But MotoAmerica Superbike racers Cameron Beaubier and his Monster Energy/Graves/ Yamaha teammate Josh Hayes seem to get along just fine. Watch this short video of Hayes interviewing Beaubier after the two battled for first place in race one of Superbike at Utah Motorsports Campus (formerly Miller Motorsports Park).

"Cameron was the winner, after following me for most of the race, and learning how to go fast, so he could pull the trigger at the end (and win), which I didn't appreciate," Hayes says with a smirk and a thick layer of good-natured sarcasm. "After showing you everything you needed to know, how was your race?"

Rolling with the punches, Cameron tosses it right back to Josh, "It was great," he smiles. "I figured you were gonna make a go at me the last lap. You must've been thinking about your golf swing, old man." Both chuckle.

Despite the obvious competition between the two, there remains a fair amount of friendly banter, showing examples of good sportsmanship. Hayes and Beaubier prove that teammates can be competitive while still getting along. Can you imagine Rossi interviewing Lorenzo, or vice versa, after a race?

Watch more from MotoAmerica below: