Happy Campers | Fashion Police

Here at Motorcyclist, we usually get the first word on new models well in advance of the general public. But this time it looks like we've been scooped! Apparently, Kawasaki is considering a foray into the adventure-bike niche with the latest addition to its Ninja 650 family, and this spy shot is the first we've heard of it. From what we can see, a combination camping/bicycle rack bolts to the passenger seat and footpeg brackets. With room for sleeping bags and bungee cords, this addition is the answer to a sportbike rider's prayers—especially a sportbike rider who just got kicked out of his girlfriend's apartment! This prototype is clearly in beta testing, so loses points on its aesthetic appeal, but the position of the road bike is purely functional since it doubles as a wheelie bar should one get too hasty with the clutch.

Kawasaki scores points for getting the prototype into the hands of a true outdoorsman. After setting up base-camp, ol’ Bear Grylls can slip into a Lycra onesie and hit up some canyon roads on his pedal-bike. Perchance he’ll roll up to a river where he will, no doubt, swan-dive (hunting knife clenched between his teeth) into the rapids in search of poor Sammie the Salmon.

While this is a fine start, we would encourage Kawasaki’s designers not to limit their vision too much. How about adding a propane burner and a beer cooler? Adventuring builds an appetite; let’s be ready for that fish fry!

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