Greg's Bike Part 12 - Build-Off

A bike has got to stop and my build is no exception-it was time to install some brakes. The brakes could have been installed far later in the build, but I had to slightly modify the frame and it would be far easier to do it at this stage. Fortunately, I didn't have to think about what brakes to install because RC Components' rotors require the company's calipers. The drilled venting pattern machined into the rotors match the contact surface area of the RC brake pads specifically designed for RC's calipers. Using its calipers and rotors together guarantee the best possible braking performance.

I did have to decide what bracket to use for the rear caliper, and I could have made it easy on myself with RC's universal bracket. Instead, I used RC's Softail bracket that required a tab welded to the lower framerail near the rear axle. While this wasn't a difficult task, it would take some extra work-check it out.