Good Bye, Shoya

Sidi Sport mourns the death of Shoya Tomizawa

Maser (TV), 06 September, 2010 - Sidi Sport mourns the death of the young Japanese pilot Shoya Tomizawa. "In this difficult, sad time - says Daniele Signori - our hearts go out to his family, the staff and everyone who know and love him. Shoya was not only an excellent pilot and a serious professional; he was also a sunny kid, very sweet and always available. This year Tomizawa had given us great satisfaction by winning the Moto2 World Cup inaugural race in Qatar and he had obtained other excellent placements, really proving himself. Now our joy has been replaced with a painful sadness for this young life that ended so tragically at only 19. Unfortunately this is yet another tragic accident that arrives after the one last week in Indianapolis, where the young Peter Lenz also lost his life."