Crash Video: Worst-Case Target Fixation

Fortunately the rider survived this head-on crash but it is yet another reminder to watch where you want to go, not where you're going.

WARNING: Graphic video footage shows a head-on crash from the rider's helmet-mounted camera. Impact occurs at 2:42.

We’re not sure what the odds are on surviving a head-on crash with a fire truck while riding a motorcycle through the canyons, but the rider of this Yamaha FZ-07 was one of the lucky ones who lived to post his GoPro video on YouTube, where it was picked up by Los Angeles morning news channel KTLA this morning. The rider, 24-year-old Jesse Lopez, was airlifted from the scene with two compound fractures in his left leg and a broken arm.

The crash, which occurred recently on Glendora Ridge Road, an area rich with winding curves in the Angeles National Forest, serves as a graphic reminder to shift your attention away from the thing you don’t want to hit and concentrate instead on a safe path around it.