Gina Gallery: Our Favorite Moto Model

By popular request, here's a collection of photos of Motorcyclist's favorite model. Photos by Jim Brown & Todd Westover.

Alright, alright. We are paying attention. We have read the tons of mail asking for more, more, more! photos of gorgeous Gina. No, we aren't talking about the Gina from Agentina (which a few purveyors of motorcycle trivia will remember as a motorcycle briefly imported to the United States during the 1960s).

The Gina seen here, obviously, is the woman that has been gracing the pages of recent issues of the magazine, distracting readers from the products that we thought we were presenting in the "Gear Box" section and causing copies of our July 2004 "Moto Lust" issue, to fly off the newsstands. That was the issue where Gina and a Ducati electricfied the cover.

You might want to add this page to your Favorites folder because we will periodically add more photos of Gina to it, including some that never appeared in the magazine.