Get A Kid On A Motorcycle Today

Unboxing a Monster Moto Classic Mini Bike

What's the best way to ensure motorcycling's health in the future? Get a kid on a motorcycle today. Putting your child on a pint-size bike is sure to put a grin on his or her face and will likely set in motion a lifelong love of riding on two wheels that will nourish the industry for decades to come.

Starting them young gives kids a head start in developing the balance, skills, and technique needed to become safe, successful riders. Can you imagine the reaction you’ll get when you pull the sheet off a minibike? Plus, it will give them something more enticing to do than stare at their phones all weekend.

From pull-start, rigid-framed machines that emulate the Taco minibikes of the 1960s—like the 80cc Monster Moto Classic Mini Bike ($400;—to potent, nearly silent, competition-grade electric trials bikes, there are more kid-size motorcycles available today than ever before.