Tour Master Women's Solution 2.0 WP Road Boots | MC TESTED

Safe and waterproof meets comfort and style.

She wanted stylish and comfortable, and I insisted on safe and waterproof.

Women don’t have a ton of options when it comes to riding gear, and the selection really narrows when you’re after something stylish, comfortable, armored, and waterproof, as my wife wanted for a recent two-up ride to the Pacific Northwest.

Well, she wanted stylish and comfortable, and I insisted on safe and waterproof. Recalling the 19,000 miles I spent in a pair of Tour Master’s original Solution WP boots during an extended cross-country tour, I figured those simple yet functional kicks would do the trick. And sure enough, they’re available in women’s sizes.

As it turns out, the Solutions are now on version 2.0, which looks to mean new stretch panels, additional armor, and more-rugged soles. The WPs aren’t overtly fashionable, but their look is subdued enough that it doesn’t insult anyone’s sense of style. The boots fit true to size, and my wife said they were acceptably comfortable right out of the box. I know from personal experience that the WP’s HiPora liner is thoroughly waterproof, and the boots have ample armor; there’s internal hard-plastic armor at the heels, toes, ankles, and shins.

Considering their intended use (commuting, touring) and price, there’s really nowhere that the Solution 2.0 WPs come up short. They’re straightforward and functional footwear for those who want something simple and comfortable. Tour Master seems to get this, so it offers the Solution 2.0s in a range of sizes (including wide options) for men and women.


PRICE: $130


Verdict: Simple, functional, and affordable footwear.