Security: Keep Your Stuff!

5 Products To Deter Theft of Your Bike and Gear

Artago Bunker Park & Roll System

Looking for a secure way to park your motorcycle in a tight spot? The Bunker works like a standard wheel chock except it can be anchored to the ground and secures any bike's front wheel via a 16mm steel rod hidden inside the main body. The ramp rotates 360 degrees on a swivel under the main chock; this allows entry to the chock from any angle. Then you can pivot the ramp against the wall to minimize use of space. If $990 makes your wallet pucker, try the locking chock only at $660.

Motion Pro Universal Helmet Lock

Ever wish your fancy new bike had one of those nifty helmet locks that used to come standard on so many models? This is your answer. Universal mounting, secure, and simple for $35.

Lockstraps Combination Carabiner

In addition to locking tie straps for your bike, Lockstraps also sells this stand-alone locking carabiner for $16. Use it to lock a trailer hitch, secure a helmet to your bike when parked, or lock something to your buddy's bike for entertainment!

Spot Trace Tracking Device

Another strategy for security is tracking your bike. For $100 (plus $100/year for basic service) this 2x1x2.7-inch unit will automatically send you a text or email with your bike's GPS coordinates when movement is detected. Customize to update every 5, 10, 30, or 60 minutes.

Abus Bordo Big Folding Lock

Made of hinging, 5mm-thick steel bars, the $160 Bordo Big stretches out to create a locking loop roughly 45 inches around. It's small enough (about 8x3x1.5 inches) to fit under some seats and long enough to secure a jacket and helmet to a bike or your front wheel to an immovable object.