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I keep a clean bike, but no matter how simple the task—lubing the chain, checking the tire pressures or oil level—my hands always seem to get at least a little grimy. And when you’re on the road, there isn’t always a sink and soap handy for washing up.

Not to worry. With Motul’s new M4 hand cleaner you can wash away grease and grime without water. Squeeze some of the medicinal-smelling cream on your grimy hands and rub it in. It quickly dries and begins balling up between your palms, taking dirt and other filth away with it. It can take a minute to rub all the film off, but it’s worth the work if washing facilities aren’t nearby. Just make sure you’re outside or near a trash can when you use the product, otherwise you’ll get smelly, dirty flakes everywhere.

M4 doesn’t dry your skin like aggressive pumice cleaners, but it also doesn’t clean as thoroughly as those products. The M4 cleaner removes superficial, transferable grime—so you can put your gloves on without sullying them or eat your lunch without ingesting any petrochemicals—but your hands may still look a little dingy. A second application is necessary for truly spotless palms.

The instructions on the tube are pretty vague, suggesting a “dab” of cream. We’d recommend using a dime-size blob to start. The 3.38-ounce tube is just short of 6 inches long, so it’ll fit under your bike’s seat or in your tank bag or luggage. Use it in the garage, roadside, trackside, trailside, or anywhere else you end up with dirty mitts.

Motul M4 Hand Cleaner
Price: $5.95
Contact: Motul USA
Verdict: 4 out of 5 stars
An innovative, effective stand-in for soap and water.

Motul M4 Hand Cleaner