Motion Pro Tools Magnetic Nut Driver Set | NEW PRODUCTS

A quality set of hex bits for less than 10 bucks.

When it comes to tools , hex bits are a fast and easy way to get a job done that involves a variety of fasteners. There are several types of fasteners used on motorcycles ranging from Allen, Torx and Phillips head, but the most common is still the hex. Now Motion Pro can add to your hex bit collection with their new Magnetic Nut Driver Set (part number 08-0590). This nine-piece metric set contains nut drivers from 5mm through 13mm, and each socket contains a powerful magnet to securely retain the bolt that you are removing or installing. All of the drivers have a tough black oxide finish with the sizes clearly etched on them for easy identification. Couple these durable nut drivers with a small hex drive electric impact driver, and you can feel like a pro mechanic when you work on your bike.

MSRP $9.99 To order a set or for more info, contact: