GIVI's Monochrome TECH Series

Taking the combination of style and functionality to the next level.

CHARLOTTE, N. Carolina. (May 1st, 2010) - Now your aftermarket trunk doesn't have to look like an after thought.

With OEMS and aftermarket companies offering top trunk solutions for many motorcycle and scooter models they more often than not look like an after thought and to have a color matched trunk solution often costs so much more.

The new GIVI monochrome Tech series is designed to offer the functionality and style of a large top trunk yet not detract from the look of your motorcycle or scooter. Supplied with smoked lenses, dark trim and no more bright red features the Tech series has produced a truly integrated top trunk solution. Both the V46 and E55 Monokey series cases are capable of taking two full face helmets and have the following accessories available, back rest, top rack, brake light and inner bag option. The V46NT retails for $273.00 and the E55NT version retails for $340.00, although GIVI only offers this monochrome design for these 2 models other Monokey and Monolock series cases may follow in the future.

With over 30 years experience in the motorcycle and scooter aftermarket segment, GIVI now manufactures and distributes to over 45 countries worldwide with dedicated distributions centers in 12 countries including 2 warehouse distribution facilities here in the US. Starting initially as a fairing manufacturer GIVI has grown to be the #1 choice manufacturer and supplier of hard detachable luggage, that has included factory supplied options for Ducati, Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Yamaha and Can AM to name a few. The GIVI product range now currently includes an extensive range of hard and soft motorcycle luggage with specific mounting hardware solutions for over 200 model motorcycles and scooters, replacement and universal windshields, as well as a very innovative range of 3/4 and modular full face helmets.

GIVI's Monochrome TECH Series