CruzTools Speedkit | MC TESTED

A small, affordable kit that contains a useful assortment of good quality tools

Some of the tool kits that come with today's bikes are so inadequate that there might as well just be a card under the seat that reads, "Call for help." If that's how you feel about your motorcycle's kit, consider the CruzTools' Speedkit.

The Speedkit is one of more than a dozen bike-specific tool kits offered by CruzTools. It's one of the smaller, simpler, and more affordable packages (measuring just 7x2x2 inches, it's small enough to fit in most underseat storage areas), yet it contains all the items needed to adjust hand and foot controls, check tire pressure, remove body panels, and pull a spark plug. (It's even got the tools you'll need to reach the spark plug.)

For the price, the quality of the components is impressive. They're not Snap-on snazzy, but this stuff isn't stamped from slag steel either. The wrenches, hex keys, screwdriver, and torx bits all fit onto/into their corresponding fasteners as snugly as top-shelf tools. The only thing I'd like to see are ball ends on the hex wrenches so it's easier to deal with fasteners that you can't attack straight on.

Such a simple kit doesn't contain everything you might need while making a roadside repair, but if you pack all the parts carefully, the pouch is little more than half full. That leaves room for other essentials, such as zip-ties, a test light, and spare fuses, so you can ride confidently.


Price: $33

MC Grade: A-

Verdict: A solid start toward assembling a comprehensive tool kit.