Adventure and Protection for Your BMW R 1200 GS


(APRIL 29, 2010) SEATTLE, WA - Off road and on, your adventures with the BMW R 1200 GS always have a hint of danger. That adrenaline rush is one reason to ride, but also one of the reasons you give your bike the best protection you can.

One way to do that is to install an AltRider oil cooler guard. The piece highlights the rugged beauty of your machine, and comes in either black or silver anodized aluminum. Don't let the look lead you to believe that's all it has to offer, though. The oil cooler guard is strong enough to defend the vulnerable oil cooler from rocks, road debris, and anything else that might harm it. Even as it protects, it maximizes air flow to keep the oil cooler doing its job. The guard also comes with pre-attached adhesive pads, and a design that prevents you from installing it incorrectly.

Other ways you can protect your R 1200 GS include outfitting it with the AltRider Rear Brake Reservoir Guard (in black or silver), the AltRider Rear Brake Master Cylinder Guard (in black or silver), and the AltRider Side Stand Foot.

Keeping your brake system in top condition should be a top priority. The AltRider reservoir guard is manufactured from durable aluminum, and eliminates concerns of damage, contamination and tampering with your reservoir. Its unique cutout design allows you to check fluid levels without removing it from the bike. The AltRider master cylinder guard shares that durable aluminum construction, and offers more coverage for your master cylinder than the stock OEM guard thanks to its larger size and three mounting points. Demonstrating that sometimes it's better to have a bigger footprint, the AltRider side stand foot gives the R 1200 GS a larger area to rest the weight of the bike, making falls and drops on soft ground less likely. The most ergonomic design on the market, its shape, size and 3D traction allow for easy deployment while still sitting on the bike.

AltRider is a new Seattle company committed to creating the best adventure touring products available. They manufacture accessories for the BMW GS line, Suzuki V-Strom, Kawasaki Versys, and the KTM Adventure series. Every AltRider piece is designed and made entirely in the United States. They also offer adventure products from other proven manufacturers. If you're looking for more from the products you buy, you should visit the new AltRider website at

Adventure and Protection for Your BMW R 1200 GS

The design of the AltRider Oil Cooler Guard compliments the BMW R 1200 GS, while the anodized aluminum defends the vulnerable oil cooler.
With the AltRider Rear Brake Reservoir Guard, there's no fear of tampering and you can easily check your fluid levels through the cutout design.
Rear brake master cylinders receive extra protection with this AltRider guard, since it is much larger than the stock OEM guard.
The AltRider Side Stand Foot is the most ergonomic design on the market, allowing easy deployment of the side stand while still sitting on the bike.