520 Power Up Kits Available for the New Honda CBR 250R

Driven 520 front steel sprockets in 13 and 14 teeth are now available as well as aluminum rears in 38, 39, and 40 teeth; the rears are available in all our popular colors as well: black, blue, gold, and red with a vast assortment of chains and chain colors to build any custom kit you can imagine.

Fronts 13T through 14T retail for $33.25

Front part #'s
* 1014-520-13T
* 1014-520-14T

Rears 38T throught 40T retail for $65.95

Rear part #'s
* 5040-520-38T BK
* 5040-520-38T BL
* 5040-520-38T GD
* 5040-520-38T RD
* 5040-520-39T BK
* 5040-520-39T BL
* 5040-520-39T GD
* 5040-520-39T RD
* 5040-520-40T BK
* 5040-520-40T BL
* 5040-520-40T GD
* 5040-520-40T RD

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