Gear: Holiday Stocking Stuffers

Sock-sized holiday gifts from cheap to ch-ching!

CRG Arrow Bar End Mirror
Tired of looking at your elbows? The Arrow bar-end mirror from CRG is an eloquent and minimalist design that not only provides an unobstructed rearview, but also complements the look of your sportbike. Constructed of machined aluminum and automotive-grade glass, this $110 mirror is easily adjustable and can be mounted on the left or right handlebar.

Plas-Tec Polish
Few stocking stuffers can compete with the value of a $3 bottle of Plas-Tec cleaner and polish. The 1-ounce travel-size bottle contains an anti-fog and anti-static formula that is compatible with a variety of plastics and polycarbonates such as those used in motorcycle face shields, wind shields, dashboards and bodywork.

Aerostich Kickstand Critters
More reliable than a rock and more fun than a crushed soda can, a Kickstand Critter from Aerostich will keep your bike upright on hot pavement, dirt or gravel. The critters contain a 4-inch ABS plastic disk insert to keep your kickstand from sinking into soft ground and make for a furry, functional and fun gift for any rider. Choose Splattered Squirrel or Flattened Frog; they're both just $19.

Wheel Jockey
That stocking hook had better be sturdy, because this is one robust piece of equipment! The Wheel Jockey was invented to facilitate rear-wheel cleaning and chain maintenance without the use of a race stand. Once on the Wheel Jockey, your bike's rear wheel turns on ball-bearing rollers to provide easy access to the entire rim and chain. This $54 device can accommodate bikes weighing up to 750 pounds yet is small enough to store in a tool box or work bench drawer.

Trail Tech TTO Gauges
The TTO gauge from Trail Tech reports critical engine stats, making it a perfect gift for off-road riders, racers, engine builders and curious technical types alike. Select from hour meter, combined hour meter/tachometer (with maximum-rpm memory) or temperature (with maximum-temp memory), all starting at just $35. These gauges sport a big digital display yet are small enough to mount just about anywhere.

Driven Racing Accessories
Who doesn't like functional and attractive bits for their bike? It'll be a happy track-day rider who finds his stocking stuffed with these machined and anodized accessories from Driven Racing. The $36.95 oil-fill plug comes pre-drilled for safety wire; the $69.95 mirror-eliminator plates keep your fairing stable at the track; and the $99.95 axle-block sliders provide crash protection. These pieces and more are available in your choice of black, blue, red, gold or titanium for maximum style points.

Genuine Innovations Tire Repair Kit
Tire-repair kits are one of our favorite gifts to give, and something every rider would be happy to receive. Genuine Innovations' compact kit retails for $60 and contains everything you need to go from flat to fat, with enough compressed CO2 to inflate a 240mm bun to 30 psi. The zippered carrying case measures just 5 x 6.5 inches, so it will easily fit under your seat, in a tank bag-or in a stocking.

Fast Dates Calendar
Racing Superbikes like the Aprilia RSV4 and BMW S1000RR are hot, but in the 2011 Fast Dates calendar, the machines pale in comparison to their swimsuit-clad companions. This annual offering features numerous SBK and MotoGP racebikes, and while the glossy $16.95 calendar would be difficult to roll up in a stocking, it's good enough to warrant the effort to make it fit.

Brian Bergeron Designs Tire Ring
A tire-tread ring from Brian Bergeron Designs is a subtle-yet-stylish way to remind yourself and others of your passion for motorcycling. Each ring is handmade in your choice of silver, gold or platinum and incorporates design themes common to sport and touring street tires. Rings start at around $100 (for sterling silver) and would be an awesome trinket to find in the toe of a stocking on Christmas morning.

SureFire AZ2 Flashlight
Designed for law-enforcement officers, Surefire flashlights are an excellent gift for anyone who demands the ultimate in quality and performance. The $260 AZ2 has two output levels: a blazing 150-lumen setting and a more modest and usable 35-lumen mode that's good for close-range tasks. The light measure less than 6 inches long, weighs just 5.1 ounces, and is specially designed to be grasped while wearing gloves.

**Craftsman Ratcheting Open End Wrenches **
Leave it to Craftsman to find a way to make an open-end wrench that ratchets. This new tool set combines the speed of ratcheting with the access of the open-end wrench using a patented spring-loaded tooth design. How cool is that? Four-piece, eight-size sets are available in standard and metric versions for just $24.99, complete with Craftsman's lifetime guarantee.

Haber Magnum Variant Glasses
Wearers of open-face helmets appreciate a good pair of sunglasses, and Haber eyewear is some of the best. Originally developed for military applications, Haber's Magnum Variant glasses combine virtually unbreakable Trilon frames and photo-chromatic lenses that offer 100 percent UV-A-B-C protection and exceed ANSI clarity and impact standards, making them great on the bike as well as off. Give a pair this Christmas for $77.55.

Motion Pro Cable Luber
There's the old-school, gravity-feed way of lubing your control cables, and then there's the Motion Pro way. The company's Cable Luber clamps over the end of any cable to help you inject lubricant directly into the housing. Made of machined aluminum with chemical-resistant seals, this nifty little device will last for years yet costs just $9.50.

Symtec Heat Demon Grip Heaters
Give the gift of comfort this holiday season. Symtec's Heat Demons provide four levels of supplemental heat for your hands in chilly weather. The heating elements install inside the handlebar, so heat distribution is even and you can run whatever grips you want. The swanky heat-level selector blends in nicely with your stock controls and is available in black or chrome for $129.95.