Gear Box: Saddlebags, Books, LED Light & More

Cycle Shelter motorcycle cover, Vance & Hines Harley pipe, Progressive Suspension shock, Motor Books BMW book, Sidi vented boots, Innovations tire repair, Olympia jackets, Whitehorse Press maintenance book, Craftsman LED flashlight, and Aerostich dry saddl

New motorcycle products and accessories: Cycle Shelter motorcycle cover, Vance & Hines Harley pipe, Progressive Suspension shock, Motor Books BMW book, Sidi vented boots, Innovations tire repair, Olympia jackets, Whitehorse Press maintenance book, Craftsman LED flashlight, and Aerostich dry saddlebags.

Under Cover of Cycle Shelter

This futuristic tent arrangement—a.k.a. the Cycle Shelter—makes keeping your bike covered easier than ever. The outer polyester shell is water-, mildew- and UV-resistant. Two mesh screens keep insects and moisture out. The tent never touches the bike so it can't scratch anything or stick to hot parts. The shelter's frame is made from aluminum and fiberglass, with an optional anchoring system for use in extreme weather. Better still, you can take this garage with you. The 30-pound shelter packs into a nifty shoulder bag (provided). Lonely? Grab a sleeping bag and curl up next to your bike. The shelter sells for $299. (866) 416-3466,

Stay Trim, Stay Dry: Aerostich/Ortlieb Saddlebags

Just about any soft saddlebags will hold your gear, but what if you need to keep everything dry as well? Start with these ThinCase Dry Bag Saddlebags from Aerostich. Just as the name suggests, they're narrower than most standard saddlebags. Extending just four inches on either side, they hold enough gear for midrange touring expeditions. And since each is internally supported by a Profi WaterProof Brief Bag, they'll hold their original shape over the long haul. Trim. Lightweight. Tough. Waterproof. What else do you want? Set yourself up for $157. (800) 222-1994,

Let There Be LED Light, from Craftsman

There are flashlights, and then there's this endurable LED tool light from Craftsman. Using five powerful little LED units—Light Emitting Diodes for technophobes—in place of an old-school bulb, it throws light in three different modes for up to 40 hours straight. Measuring six inches long and weighing 12 ounces, it's eminently packable and tough. Housed in a stainless steel case with a tough polycarbonate lens and reflector, it's been drop-tested on concrete, frozen at 25 below zero for 24 hours and submerged for an hour, according to Craftsman. $19.99. What are you gonna do to it?

Required Reading, a Maintenance Tome from Whitehorse Press

The Essential Guide to Motorcycle Maintenance, available through Whitehorse Press, cuts to the chase with easy-to-follow explanations of how motorcycles work. Penned by Mark Zimmerman, jovial technical editor for Motorcycle Cruiser Magazine, the writing ranges from wisecracking to truly wise. Zimmerman leaves no bolt unturned, covering everything you need to know. There are also plenty of photos and illustrations to lead you through simple and complex tasks. $29.95. (800) 531-1133,

Olympia Motosports Jackets

On the left we have Gina sporting Olympia's Shogun jacket. In case you're wondering, that dragon on her back is the Taoist representation of power, protection and control. Don't like the silver? The Shogun comes in blue and a striking yellow. It has a removable liner, vents, an adjustable waist and CE-spec armor in the shoulders, elbows and back. Cowhide is tough 1.2mm stuff. Slip into a Shogun for $299. Pictured center and on the right are Nikhil in the Airglide jacket and Jessica in the Commando jacket, $199 and $269, respectively (the jackets, that is). Both feature thick, removable liners, 500-denier Cordura, ballistic nylon, reflective panels and tough CE armor. (866) 473-4327,

Innovations Inflation Equation

Get a Genuine Innovations' Tire Repair and Inflation Kit before you end up stranded with a flat. It provides a strong, temporary fix that will get you back to civilization. Each kit comes with patches, glue, tire plugs, a plug installation tool, a tire reamer, a C02-powered inflator and multiple C02 cartridges—everything you need. It all fits in a packable 5.25 x 6.5-inch nylon bag. Choose from four different kits: The Standard kit, $29.99, and the Deluxe kit, $34.99, will suffice for small-to-medium streetbikes, and the Premium kit, $49.99, is specifically designed for larger cruisers and touring machines. (800) 340-1050,

Sporty Suspenders from Progressive Suspension

Spare yourself the indignities of rough roads. Progressive Suspension has released its 412 Series of shocks for the 2004 Harley-Davidson Sportsters. Double-walled steel bodies protect the inner cylinder and help increase damping consistency, and preload is easily adjusted with the five-position cam. The standard length for the Sportster is 13.5 inches, but the shocks also come in shorter lengths. Heavy-duty springs are optional, and the springs and covers come in your choice of chrome or black. $256.20. (760) 948-4012,

Cool Cure for Hot Feet

Keep your feet safe and happy—street or track—with a pair of SIDI's Vertebra 2 Air boots. Cool air enters via the perforated Lorica body and through new Kent Vents—named after notorious hot-shoe Kent Kunitsugu of Sport Rider Magazine. Sidi's vertebra armor along the back of the boot provides protection and flexibility along with strategically placed armor for your anklebones. The Vertebra's adjustable calf system accommodates most lower-leg shapes and sizes. Choose any color you want as long as it's black for $255. (877) 789-4940,

A Toot of Our Own Horn: Motorcyclist Test Archives from Motor Books

Now available for all you motohistorians out there—and even for those with only a passing interest in the evolution of our two-wheeled sport—is BMW Files, a 192-page compendium of BMW road tests from the Motorcyclist archives from 1971 to '95. The tests follow the development of BMW's motorcycles, from older boxers to newer boxers and the flat-fours that came between. The book includes riding impressions, technical overviews, Off the Record comments and much more. $19.95. (800) 826-6600,

VHR's Beautiful Noise

If there's a Harley-Davidson Softail out in the garage, you probably know what a swank designer exhaust system can cost. Since children may be reading this, let's just say...a lot. The good news is you needn't sublet the Airedale or cut Mrs. Softail's latte allotment to finance some seriously phat plumbing. Vance & Hines Big Radius pipes integrate heat shields and removable baffles into an artfully crafted 2.5-inch-diameter system. They look good, they sound good, they bolt on right out of the box and the neighbors need never know you only spent $649.95. (800) 592-2529,

Elkskin for the Ages from Aerostich

If you're tired of spending big bucks for racy road gloves that don't last, have a look at these exceedingly well-made elkskin gauntlets from Aerostich. There's a seamless elkskin palm to protect yours from unfriendly pavement and TF2 impact padding to defend sensitive knuckles. A zipper in the long, gusseted gauntlet eases entry and egress, and a hook-and-loop-fastened wrist strap makes for a secure fit. There's even a visor squeegee on the left forefinger. Choose natural or black in sizes 8.5 to 11 for $63. (800) 222-1994,