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Crashing sucks, but like a Boy Scout, a go-fast sportbiker must be prepared. A major part of this preparedness regimen is engine-case protection, which comes in many shapes, sizes and materials. Depending upon what one is trying to protect, aftermarket companies offer everything from heavy-duty, full-coverage replacement engine covers to protruding frame sliders to carbon-fiber vanity covers that prevent (or cover up) scratches and dress up a motor.

New to the engine-protection fray is GB Racing’s injection-molded plastic “secondary” covers, which as their name implies are made to fit over the stock engine covers. They’re made from 60 percent long-glass fiber which is said to have high impact resistance and long wear characteristics.

When prepping a 2009 Kawasaki ZX-6R for track-day duty, we opted for a three-piece set to protect the left-side alternator cover, as well as the clutch and pulse generator covers on the right. The parts were easy to install, and only one body panel needed to be peeled back to put the pulse cover in place. The clutch cover is even pre-drilled, allowing it to anchor a safety-wired oil filler cap.

We had a chance to test the GB covers’ protective qualities at the racetrack during a 50-mph low-side. True to form, the alternator cover’s bottom edge was worn down slightly like a knee slider, giving it a cool, beveled, battle-scarred look. The GB cover will need to be replaced, which at $84.35 is only about $15 cheaper than a replacement engine cover, but we won’t have to drain the oil or scrape off the old gasket to replace it. MC

GB Racing Engine Covers
Price: $243.65
Contact: Orient Express Racing
Verdict 5 out of 5 stars.

Low-cost, no-brainer crash protection.