Fully Adjustable Race Tech Fork Cap Gold Valve Kit for the ST1300

Corona, CA - The Honda ST1300 is an exciting ride in stock form; however, a lack of adjustment and personalized setup quickly becomes an issue. Race Tech has released a solution to decrease those jarring hits and provide an overall better feel.

The Race Tech Fork Cap Gold Valve Kit for the ST1300 externally provides fully-adjustable compression, rebound, and preload to your fork caps. Tuning for your ST1300 becomes right at your finger tips to fine tune the comfort of your bike.

Additionally, the Fork Cap Gold Valve Kit packages industry leading Gold Valves for your fork's compression and rebound. Race Tech's Gold Valves provide a custom setup with better feel, more control, improved stability, and consistent traction.

For more information on the ST1300 Fork Cap Gold Valve Kit, as well as, the full line up of Race Tech suspension components; visit us on the web at www.racetech.com or call our friendly sales staff at (951)279-6655.

Race Tech has a history of over 27 years producing the highest quality suspension components and tools; including Gold Valves, for most types of motorcycles and ATVs, to distribute worldwide.

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