First Ever Spanish RFME Flat Track Cup Crowned

Ferran Cardús crowned champion after the cancellation of the final race

Spanish Flat Track Racing Motorcycle Championship
Ferran Cardús (77) slides through a corner just ahead of Franc Serra (18)Photo: Juan Carlos González

The premiere Spanish RFME Flat Track Cup ended early this year due to unforeseen circumstances, and because of the short notice, no acceptable alternative could be found for a reschedule. Franc Serra (Honda ART), the only rider with a mathematical option of taking the title after six races, was runner-up just ahead off former 125cc roadracing World Champion Nico Terol (Honda NicoGas).

There were four riders who scored wins over the season: Brad Baker and Cardús both took two wins while Serra and Terol both had one win apiece. Baker's wins came in the opening round at Valencia I, the American from Washington winning both on the quarter-mile and TT tracks. Terol's win came on the Madrid quarter mile. Next up was the Rancho Canudas double-header with Serra taking victory in the quarter mile and Cardus winning the TT. The final race of the season, Valencia II, ended with a podium that reflected the final points standings with a second win for Cardús over Serra and Terol.

Ferran Cardús RFME Championship Flat Track Win
Ferran Cardús slides his way to an overall win in this year's first RFME Championship.Photo: Juan Carlos González

Gerard Bailo (Suzuki Català) was fourth in the points table ahead of Baker (NoyesCamp Kawasaki), Guillermo Cano (ESR Bikes), Adrián Garín (Honda ART) and Oliver Brindley (NoyesCamp Kawasaki). Only eleven points separated fourth from eighth, a riveting example of the close racing in this first year of the RFME Flat Track Cup.

Ferran sastre Spanish Flat Track RFME Season Final Championship
Ferran Sastre displaying impeccable style while securing a win in the Rookie categoryPhoto: Juan Carlos González

Master and Rookies

Guillermo Cano (ERS Honda) and Ferran Sastre (Kawasaki Noyes Camp) took the titles in the Master and Rookie categories respectively. Both champions put together a season of wins and podiums and both clinched their titles in the penultimate race of the season (Valencia II). Runner-up in Master was Vicent Navarro (Suzuki Grau) with Lluís Massana (KTM Parcerisas) third. Runner-up in Rookies was Genis Gelada (Coward/Supermotard Kit) with Marc Capdevila (KTM Parcerisas) third.

Guillermo Cano and Lluís Massana RFME Championship Master Class
Guillermo Cano (179) and Lluís Massana (42) vie for position in the RFME Master ClassPhoto: Juan Carlos González

About the Championship

The RFME Spanish Flat Track Cup is the first national Flat Track series run in Spain. The calendar included five tracks and seven races. Events were held in Catalonia, Madrid and Valencia. For the first time this very much American form of motorsport was featured not as an individual event but as a season-long series. On Track Motorsports (Barcelona, Spain) and American Flat Track (Daytona Florida) were in close contact over the season and the American promoters mentored their Spanish counterparts. The rules for the RFME series closely follow the American series and both championships use 19 inch wheels with Dunlop as the official provider. More information is available at