The Fauxhawk | Fashion Police


The motorcycle-helmet Mohawk, a.k.a. the “Fauxhawk,” is a fashion disaster that needs to be put to rest! There is nothing remotely cool or practical about it; no reason for this utterly frivolous accessory to exist.

We’ve all seen them, more often than not worn by younger “stuntahs” aboard blinged-out sportbikes. They’re available in assorted colors and styles (one even resembles a saw blade), and can be attached to a helmet with a Velcro strip or suction cups—though I’d recommend screwing it straight into the scalp!

Some who rock the ’hawk claim it helps them be seen on the road. Others say it lets them exude a little attitude. If it’s visibility you’re after, wear a colorful helmet. And attitude? There are a zillion edgy helmet designs—pick one that reflects your personality.

So unless you’re a circa ’70s punk rocker or 1/16th Apache by blood, drop the macho act and peel off that Fauxhawk. It just makes you look like a rooster on Viagra! MC

Oh my God, where do I even start? Nothing screams, "Look at me" like this getup! Have you seen someone breaking the laws of fashion? Or setting a stylish new trend? Send a photo to, Attention: Fashion Police.

Makeup: Liza Macawili