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Motorcyclists mostly focus on acceleration—horsepower figures, power-to-weight, quarter-mile times, etc.—but potent deceleration is nearly as important when it comes to improving lap times, and even more crucial on the street. This month’s Gear spread is aimed at improving your 0-60 and 60-0 mph times.

SBS Streetexel Brake Pads
Long winters give the Danish engineers at Scandinavian Brake Systems plenty of time to toy with pad compounds. The material used in SBS StreetExel pads is their best mixture yet, and offers the highest frictional coefficient in their street lineup. The sintered pads are a good replacement for OE parts and offer consistent stopping power and reduced rotor wear. Pads sell for $26.95-$60.95 per pair, depending on application.

K-Tech Suspension Components
Brake harder and maintain better control while slowing by setting-up your fork to suit your weight. Getting the right spring rate is the first step, followed by dialing-in the damping. K-Tech's replacement fork springs are cold-coiled, heat-treated, tempered and shot-peened for optimum perform-ance. The 20mm piston kit is a direct replacement for the stock damping cartridges in most sportbikes, and offers improved damping control and finer tuning than the stock components. Fork springs retail for $58.87, and cartridge kits go for $325.21.

Leovince Fast II Controller
The Fast II controller from LeoVince was designed to complement the Italian firm's exhaust systems, but it works with other slip-ons and pipes, too. Use one of the three preloaded maps or take your bike to a tuner to develop custom fuel and ignition maps to get the most out of your setup. The Fast II retails for $499 and comes with a model-specific wiring harness.

Motion pro revolver throttle
What's the key to going faster? The smart-aleck reply is to open the throttle quicker! With Motion Pro's Revolver throttle kit, you can get to WFO up to 30 percent sooner. The kit's alternative 35, 40, 45 and 50mm throttle reels let you tailor your bike's throttle rate to suit your needs. Install a smaller one to reduce the throttle rate or a larger one to increase it. The Revolver kit is available for most popular sportbikes and comes with fresh grips and model-specific throttle cables for $154.95.

Supersprox Sprocket Kit
Your bike may feel quick, but noise regulations often result in gearing that's less than ideal off-the-line. Swap out your stock sprockets for a set with a lower (numerically higher) final-drive ratio and experience more immediate forward progress. SuperSprox sprocket kits come with a long-lasting, hybrid steel-and-aluminum rear cog, steel front gear and a premium RK X-ring chain, all for around $310. Kits ship for free, and the rear sprocket carries a lifetime warranty.

Accossato PRS Master Cylinder
Accossato's PRS master cylinder is Italian-made braking perfection. It's forged from aluminum for strength, and has a folding lever to help reduce damage in the event of a crash. Lever reach is adjustable, and so is the leverage ratio. With the turn of a dial you can select from three settings for just the right combination of feel and stopping power. The PRS sells through Galfer for $362.51 and is currently being offered with a complimentary set of stainless-steel brake lines.

Avon 3D Ultra Sport Tires
Grabbing the brakes can create greater g-forces than a fistful of throttle. Can your tires handle the load? The 3D Ultra Sports are the latest addition to Avon's sport lineup, intended for everyday use and sport riding. This all-new tire uses fresh tread compounds, a new "3D" siping design and advanced carcass construction to offer superb traction and handling in all conditions while maintaining excellent wear resistance. The Ultra Sport—as well as the stickier Ultra Supersport and Ultra Xtreme track-day tires—will be available at shops by the time you read this. The Ultra Sports are expected to retail for $170-$190 for fronts and $280-$310 for rears.

Barnett Clutch Kit
Hopping-up your motor doesn't do much good if your clutch can't handle the power! Barnett's performance clutch kits use race-proven Kevlar friction plates, tempered-steel drive plates and heavy-duty chrome-silicon springs to provide the most consistent power transfer possible. The segmented friction plates increase oil flow through the clutch and provide more consistent performance nd longer clutch life. Complete kits start at around $155, which is usually no more expensive than OE parts.

Athena MD60 Lap-Timer
Standard lap-timers provide lap times, but that's it. The MD60 lap-timer from Athena's GET electronics line gathers reams of invaluable data. This GPS-enabled unit records lap times and splits, and also tracks your exact lines and corner entrance and exit speeds. Download the files and assess exactly where you can gas it sooner or brake later. The MD60 retails for $399 and runs on two AA batteries that provide about 6 hours of operation.

Pipercross Air Filter
When it comes time to replace your stock air filter, change it out for a Pipercross element. These multi-layer foam filters are washable and reusable, come with a lifetime warranty and provide increased airflow over stock for improved horsepower. Pipercross filters even work well when dirty; foam layers of varying porosity effectively capture particles of all sizes while maintaining a high flow rate. Pipercross offers filters for all popular sportbikes, with most filters costing $70-$100.

K-Tech Suspension Components
Barnett Clutch Kit components