Factory Racers Descend Upon Yamaha's Cypress Headquarters

Cypress Calif., November 12, 2010 – A large contingent of Yamaha's supported racers descended upon Yamaha Motor Corporation's headquarters in Cypress, CA to be recognized by Yamaha employees for their hard work and amazing accomplishments during the 2010 racing season, and to participate in Yamaha's fourth annual Feed the Children Charity Day with the Star Touring and Riding Association.

AMA Superbike champion Josh Hayes, OMA Champion Paul Whibley, XDL Champion Bill Dixon, ITP Quadcross Champion Dustin Nelson and AMA Women’s Motocross Champion Jessica Patterson were individually recognized by Yamaha executives and warmly applauded for their championship winning seasons.

Following the awards ceremony, Yamaha’s Factory supported riders jockeyed for position to serve breakfast to all the Yamaha employees. AMA Superbike Champion Josh Hayes was cooking the food, San Manuel Yamaha’s James Stewart served the bacon, JGR’s Davi Millsaps poured the orange juice and MotoConcept’s Kyle Chisholm made sure everyone had all their utensils.

Every Yamaha supported team was in attendance and did their part to help make the morning as memorable as possible.