Father and Daughter Ride Colombia

Traversing Colombia with the help of a very special someone.

The thrill of the unknown is what drives most to step outside of their comfort zone and venture out into the unforgiving wilderness. California-based Shawn Thomas and his 10-year-old daughter Hailey have just returned from a motorcycle trip through Bogotá, Colombia. Sharing many unique experiences and memories, they recount their adventures from a six-day journey, exploring everything from the La Miel River near the town of La Dorada, to the intimidating Letras Mountain pass, to the majestic Magdalena Valley. Rising above the harsh rain, thick fog, disorderly traffic and other tempestuous conditions, Shawn and Hailey encounter beautiful sights and hidden natural wonders with the aid of their tour guide, Mauricio, and find themselves a world away from what they've come to know.

Watch for the six-part travel log coming soon to Motorcyclistonline.com, featuring awe-inspiring photos, video, and day-by-day reflections from the dynamic father-daughter duo.