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From the September 1922 issue of Motorcyclist magazine

Just before dawn of September 12, Wells Bennett on a Henderson De Luxe Model left the Canadian border in an attempt to break the Three-Flag record to Mexico.

Riding through Southern California well within the legal speed limit, with several hours to spare and still lower the record , Bennett was detained by the state police and prohibited from continuing the remaining few miles at any speed whatever.

If allowed to proceed through Orange and San Diego counties to the Mexican line he would have decisively shattered the old mark of forty-nine hours. Only one puncture marked an otherwise perfect run to Irvine Junction where he was stopped.

Even though Bennett was denied the glory of actually trimming several hours from the Three-Flag record, still he has the satisfaction of having registered the fastest and the most consistent ride ever recorded over the historic Three-Flag route, incidentally cutting one-half hour from the best previous Seattle-Portland record.