Ethanol Gas: Don't Be Fueled By the EPA and E15

Sign the petition to help the AMA fight the spread of harmful E15 gas.

E15 fuel and the EPA
Don't be fueled by the EPA and their push for ethanol E15. See below for the link to AMA's fight and SIGN THE PETITION!©Motorcyclist

The EPA is pushing to put E15—a gasoline blend that contains up to 15 percent ethanol—at more gas stations in the US. This is bad news for motorcyclists, and the American Motorcyclist Association is gathering signatures to submit with their draft of comments to the EPA (click here to view).

E15 is currently available at about 250 of the nation’s 160,000 or so service stations, but the EPA wants to make E15 available at up to 1,700 stations by the end of 2017.

The spread of E15 will increase the risk of misfueling with E15, which no motorcycle is designed to ingest. Running your bike on E15 may cause your engine to run hot and could possibly damage your bike’s catalytic convertor as well as cause crud buildup on your valves and pistons. Manufacturers are so worried about the effects of E15 that they say using it will void your warranty.

E15 ethanol fuel
Always check the label! E15 fuel hasn’t been approved for use in motorcycles yet, so steer clear of any pump showing this sticker. If the EPA has its way, we’ll be seeing more pumps dispensing E15.©Motorcyclist

Ethanol has also been proven to wreak havoc on the fuel systems on older bikes. It’ll melt fuel lines, gum up petcocks, and clog carburetors. Increased ethanol content also means gas will go stale quicker—sometimes in as little in two weeks.

Read all about ethanol and its deleterious effects in this MC Garage tech article, and click here to read the AMA's press release on the EPA's E15 proposal.