Erik Buell and AMSOIL Announce Partnership

Includes support for EBR Superbike Race Team, and Production Lubricants Development and Supply

East Troy, Wis. (February 11, 2011) – Erik Buell Racing LLC is pleased to announce that they have reached an agreement with AMSOIL INC. which includes development and supply of production lubricants for the new EBR motorcycles, as well as a three year sponsorship of the EBR race team in AMA Pro Superbike.

“AMSOIL is a great story of American engineering and entrepreneurship, and we are very proud that they recognize similar characteristics in our new motorcycle company and have chosen to work with us,” said Erik Buell, “They were the first company to introduce synthetic oils to the consumer market, and have become recognized throughout the industry as a leader in lubrication technology.”

"We are very impressed with the development process, level of integrity and technical expertise with which AMSOIL approaches their products. They have a really strong internal technical team and also use independent third party firms to check their products against the competition on a regular basis to make sure they know where they stand," said John Fox, engineering director at EBR. "Their commitment to continuous improvement is exemplary."

"AMSOIL is very happy to be involved with EBR with their new street motorcycles. We saw a great match in the way they are using the extreme world of racing to push their new 1190 to the maximum so they can be sure it will be over-built for street use." said Jeremy Meyer, Race Program Manager of AMSOIL Racing, "That is what we have done for so many years at AMSOIL. Our company's founder came from the world of fighter aircraft, and has always driven us to push the extremes of performance."

The EBR/AMSOIL #99 AMA Superbike race team will compete with Geoff May riding. The team will start at Daytona using the Buell 1125RR model raced last year, and expects to debut the race prepared version of the new EBR 1190RS at Infineon in May.