Electrical Accessories For Your Next Ride

Products To Keep You Plugged In

electrical accessories, motorcycle gear

1 // MICRO-START XP-5 No need to ask for a jump when you have the Micro-Start XP-5 in your pack. This tiny jump-starter and personal power supply can push out more than 150 amps—enough to revive any bike and even six-cylinder automobiles, the company says. It's tiny and light—just 8 ounces and about the size of a smartphone—so it's easy to pack and perfect for road trips. The $110 kit includes the XP-5 plus a carrying case with a charger, jumper clamps, and a pigtail for charging USB-powered devices.

Ready to experience the thrill of full-throttle clutchless upshifting? The QSE (Quick Shifter Easy) from Healtech Electronics is a stand-alone quickshifter that uses a simple strain-gauge sensor that bolts up to your bike's existing shift linkage, even if you have aftermarket rearsets. The kit costs $320 and comes with a bike-specific wiring harness. If you get a new bike you can just buy a new harness ($40) and take your QSE with you.

3 // X-PWR GOPRO CASE Say so long to dead GoPro batteries with this new all-weather external-power case from 3BR Powersports. The $60 X-PWR case offers sealed protection for your GoPro Hero 3 or Hero 4, while a special port and the included 18-inch B-Capped power cord allow you to plug into a continuous USB power source (wired into your bike's electrical system or directly to the battery). The cord also permits you to transfer files while the camera is still in the case.

4 // H-D POWER PORT Power a GPS or other 12-volt accessory with this $90 Harley-Davidson power port. Available in black or chrome for 7/8-, 1-, or 1-1/4-inch handlebars, this cast-metal housing puts a standard 12-volt outlet within easy reach. The power cable plugs directly into the wiring harness on most 2012-and-later H-D Touring bikes. For other models there's an optional adapter that mates to a standard SAE two-pin connector.

5 // KüRYAKYN BATTERY GAUGE Keep tabs on your battery and charging system's health with Küryakyn's compact LED battery gauge. Green, amber, and red LEDs illuminate to indicate normal operating voltage (green), a no-charge scenario (yellow), or voltage below 10V or above 15V (red). A daylight sensor automatically adjusts LED brightness. This unit costs $45 and measures just 2 x 3/4 x 3/16 inches so you can mount it anywhere.