Red Bull is in the habit of making really good videos these days. And fortunately for us, Red Bull actually cares about action sports (and sometimes motorcycles), meaning it occasionally spends money on stuff we care about. Take this latest video, "Donner Partying." You might not be the type to do stand-up wheelies, jump off balconies, or ride along the edge of a dam, but there's something special captured in a video like this. We can all represent with the feeling of exploring, or even just riding, with a friend in a new place and soaking up what the world of motorcycling has to offer.

Red Bull Stoppies
Tandem endo down a rock face with your buddy. Easy, right? If you’re Taylor Robert (33) and Cody Webb (1), then yes.Photo: Red Bull Media

If you're passionate about hard enduros, off-road, or EnduroCross you're probably familiar with the names Taylor Robert and Cody Webb. Both are wildly talented on a dirt bike and underrated in the public perception of motorcycling. You might also know that the series' and the riders don't get much publicity, which is one reason we think it's awesome that Red Bull spends money to highlight athletes like these. Red Bull's empire outgrew energy drinks long ago, to a massive global brand and media empire. Whether you like the taste of its drinks is up to you, but we can say we're glad that at least some of that drink money gets spent on videos that expand our idea of what's possible on a motorcycle.

Taylor Robert and Cody Webb
Taylor Robert (left) and Cody Webb (right) wheelie toward their Donner Ski Ranch adventure.Photo: Red Bull Media