Dan Walsh's First Book - Where's Walsh?

The gonzo globetrotter reappears-and releases his first book

Every few days someone E-mails to inquire the whereabouts of our intrepid, oft-intoxicated contributor Dan Walsh, and ask when his delightfully deranged writing will return to our pages. Until recently, we remained clueless too-for all we knew, he finally grab-assed the wrong transvestite in Panama, or succumbed to typhoid in some squalid Soweto squat. Then, a few weeks ago, we received an E-missive from the ever-charming Walsh stating that he had returned to civilization in the U.K., and wondering if we had any assignments for him? And perhaps we could secure him a press bike? Maybe some walking-around money, too?

We've heard it before, but like love-struck schoolgirls we remain hopeful that Walsh will deliver. In the meantime-lest you wait in vain-Motorbooks has just released Endless Horizon, Walsh's first book. Subtitled "A Very Messy Motorcycle Journey Around the World," this hardcover, color-illustrated brick documents Walsh's surreal, four-year motorbike odyssey across Europe, Africa, North and South America. Breathlessly retold in his singularly unstable style, the book is sure to delight his fans and disgust his (equally numerous) detractors. All his greatest hits-hookers, hangovers, kidnappings and his startlingly sublime insights about this beautifully tragic world-are included, along with extras like the best motorcycle review ever written: an autopsy of his Yamaha XT. It's a great book, perhaps the best motorcycle travel book yet. To borrow from Walsh's description of his old mate, Chelsea Mick, it's 375 pages of "roaring, laughing, loving proof of better choices beyond the mundane."