Tisdrin—a Berber word meaning stairs—is one of the most impressive mountain passes in the world. With sheer 500-foot drops and stunning views, it's Morocco's most photographed stretch of tarmac. Ride up it twice and you'll navigate 100 hairpins within three miles. It's really no wonder everyone from tourists to major manufacturers have shot promotional videos along this insane stretch of road.

The famous twisties are located between the Boumalne Dades oasis and the village of Msemrir—along the dry and desolate Atlas mountain range. There’s a restaurant at the summit, which is a good excuse to stop and take in the epic panoramic views of the valley and the Dades River.

Carving canyons in MoroccoOscar Kornyei

As incredible as the Tisdrin section is, my favorite section was a bit farther west—between the Ozuoud waterfalls and the Ait Attab valley. The 15-mile blast along the 3105, on the border of the Western High Atlas National Park, feels like having a desert racetrack to yourself. The road is superb and the surface has so much grip it'll make any rider's confidence soar.

A bridge crossing during the lovely ride down Route 3105.Oscar Kornyei

Without a hint of traffic, you can just enjoy the curves and let the bike sing—most corners are gently sweeping, with easy-to-see exits, which is reassuring. It would be crummy place to make a mistake or get caught out by debris in the road. At the bottom of the mountain, in fine backwoods fashion, there’s the option of crossing a shallow river or riding across a single-lane plank bridge. It’s pure motorcycling bliss that had me hooting and hollering inside my helmet.