Crowd Question: Seven Riders Sound Off About Electronic Rider Aids

We poll the public about ABS, traction control, and other rider aids.

crowd questions
The crowd gives their answers on how they feel about rider aids such as ABS and traction control.Mike Calabro

1. "As a big man who rides big bikes, I like ABS when I have to slow down in a hurry."
Dave Drlich, South Bend, Indiana

2. "If you learned to ride without them, they are terribly unnerving. Trusting rudimentary artificial intelligence seems like a bad idea."
John Christmas, Chicago, Illinois

3. "Variables in performance increase risk of error. I am not confident in a relay or module between me and the pavement."
Ben Siegel, Chicago, Illinois

4. "Really, the thing keeping you most safe is yourself—following at safe distances, maintaining your equipment, paying attention to conditions."
Angelena Pocalypse, Berwyn, Illinois

5. "Technology has made riding safer than ever. That said, becoming an accomplished, safe rider begins with dedication to proper technique."
Alexander Hawn, Des Plaines, Illinois

6. "ABS and traction control will soon become so good that we won't remember a day we rode without them."
Harrison Withers, Lake Villa, Illinois

7. "I like it if it is safer. Today's technology is very advanced, and I'm all for having a safer ride."
Kevin Footlik, Chicago, Illinois