Corbin’s Wall Saddle For Late-Model Harley-Davidson Sportster 

Long ride comfort with a fastback style for 2007-2016 Sporty owners.

Corbin Wall seat for Sportsters
Late-model Harley-Davidson Sportster with Corbin's new Wall saddle.Photo: Corbin

Corbin calls this newest incarnation of the classic fastback seat design for the Harley-Davidson Sportster the Wall because of the five and a half inches of vertical back support brought about by the raised tail section. Big Mike of BMC Motorcycle Company fame approached Corbin for a series of seats with a taller and more vertical back area that would hold the rider in position more aggressively. Rumor has it that he wanted this feature to accommodate stunt riders but as it turned out, the Wall works extremely well for hot-rodded bikes and cafe racers where a less reclined posture is desired.

Up front, the ergonomically designed platform increases the area of body contact to disperse rider weight evenly and eliminate hot spots with a dished section in the center to eliminate pressure on the tail bone. Corbin stylists sculpted a narrower nose of the seat to provide improved ground reach.

Corbin seat for Harley
The Wall fits 2007-2016 Sportsters with a 3.3-gallon tank.Photo: Corbin

Corbin’s exclusive Comfort Cell foam provides resilient comfort and a low seating platform contributes to its slim profile. A layer of high-density foam provides plenty of support for those long rides. The Wall saddle installs using a tongue in the front with a single bolt that fastens to the fender at the rear. And to protect your Harley’s custom finish, the saddle uses rubber bumpers at each point of contact. Overall, the Wall provides a perfect fit to the Sportster with a fastback contour that matches profile of the fender.

Like all Corbin seat products, the Wall is manufactured in the USA with an MSRP of $493. For more info, visit