Corbin Widomaker Seat For 2009-2017 Harley-Davidson Touring Motorcycles

New saddle for Harley-Davidson baggers and touring motorcycles offer back support with a low profile.

New Corbin Widowmaker seat for 2009-2017 Harley-Davidson touring models.
New Corbin Widowmaker seat for 2009-2017 Harley-Davidson touring models.Photo: Corbin

Corbin Seats has taken the concept of the solo design Wall saddle and merged it with their two-up Gambler model to come up with the new Widowmaker. Designed for late-model Harley-Davidson touring motorcycles, the Widowmaker features six inches of vertical back support in the rider's area that is ideal for hot rod bikes while keeping a low profile without external backrest. A great choice when a less reclined posture is desired.

Corbin Widowmaker seat for Harleys
Like most Corbin products, the new Widowmaker is available with colored panels and stitching.Photo: Corbin

The Corbin saddle eliminates hot spots and thereby increases your riding time. The passenger seating area is built to keep a stylish look, but the use of Corbin’s high-density Comfort Cell foam still provides comfort and support. The new seat is designed to work alone or in conjunction with the Harley-Davidson sissy bar.

New touring seat from Corbin
For the Harley rider who prefers basic black...Photo: Corbin

The Widowmaker is available with an optional electric seat heater in the front for an added bit of luxury. After wiring into your stock H-D fusebox, the Corbin seat heater is controlled by a conveniently located switch along the rider seating position on the left side of the motorcycle (passenger seating is not heated on this model). The non-heated Widowemaker retails for $532; heated version is $634. More information at