Cool Batteries | Tools 101

I was just re-reading the Tools 101 column (MC, October 2011) in which you explained how to maintain batteries by charging them at different intervals at different temperatures. I don't get that, because if I'm not on either one of my bikes, they are on a Battery Tender Junior, and I have never had any problems. They always last 5 to 6 years, and they are not name-brand batteries. Maybe you could explain a little further?
Ron Lawrence
Via E-mail

_Sorry if we weren’t clear, but the advice we gave in that installment was for batteries charged off the bike. “In hot weather charge the battery every two weeks, and at least once a month below 60 degrees,” it read. And then: “You can leave a smart/float-type charger connected to the battery whenever your bike is parked.” There is a difference between a regular battery charger and a “float” or “smart” charger. You are doing just what you should, and your batteries are rewarding you in kind. _