Combo Wrench Handles Axles and Plug Sockets

Two Versions, Each with Three Sizes

Sonora, California — March 17, 2011 — CruzTOOLS today announced two new Combo Axle Wrenches for motocross and off-road motorcycles.

Axle nuts for dirt bikes can be as large as 32mm, typically with different front and rear sizes. Trailside flat repair and chain tension adjustment are common needs, so offroad riders are faced with carrying two large and heavy wrenches. Another potential problem is a fouled spark plug. While manufacturers may provide a special spark plug socket with the bike, they don’t include the wrench required for use. As a result, a third size becomes necessary.

In an effort to merge these requirements into a single compact tool, CruzTOOLS developed two new Combo Axle Wrenches. Both contain a 14mm box wrench for OEM spark plug sockets and 22mm box wrench for front axle nuts. To handle rear axles, one version contains a 27mm wrench while the other provides 32mm. Between these two variations, most Honda, Yamaha, and Suzuki models are addressed, plus many Kawasakis.

Since axle nuts require high-torque, CruzTOOLS Combo Axle Wrenches are forged and heat treated using a high-strength carbon steel alloy and precision manufactured to ANSI tolerances. Laser imprinting allows easy size identification and a polished chrome finish confirms professional tool pedigree. Measuring about eight inches (205mm) long and weighing just over five ounces (145 grams), the Combo Wrenches will easily fit into a fanny pack, backpack, or fender bag.

Suggested retail is $14.95 for either version; part numbers are AW142227 (14mm x 22mm x 27mm) and AW142232 (14mm x 22mm x 32mm).

“Carrying three different wrenches, including two very large ones, just isn’t practical,” stated Dan Parks, President of CruzTOOLS, “So we developed our new Combo Axle Wrenches to allow both axle removal and spark plug socket use from a single, compact wrench.”

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