Cobra Engineering Introduces Revolutionary Continuously Variable Tuning Technology

The Fi2000® PowrPro—The Most Intelligent Fuel Controller on the Market

Yorba Linda, CA: Cobra Engineering has just introduced the new Fi2000® PowrPro Tuner to the motorcycle market. The Fi2000 fuel-injection tuner uses the latest smart chip technology to continuously read the bike's EFI delivery at more than 80 times per second every time the throttle is opened to optimize the air/fuel mixture at all throttle settings. With its Continuously Variable Tuning (CVT) (patent pending) technology, the Fi2000 PowrPro is set to revolutionize motorcycle fuel-injection tuning.

With PowrPro you can say good-bye to old-school EFI “mapping mania” and O2 sensor hassles forever. When your bike accelerates, PowrPro reads the engine’s performance up to 80 times per second to optimize fuel delivery at all throttle openings under acceleration, under every kind of load and under all existing environmental conditions to deliver maximum acceleration.

“Recent times have brought sweeping changes in motorcycle technology, specifically in the art and science of controlling fuel mixture,” said Tim McCool, president of Cobra Engineering. “We’ve progressed from finicky carburetors to rudimentary fuel-injection delivery to programmable EFI systems. But now the world of motorcycle fuel-injection calibration changes completely and permanently with our Fi2000 PowrPro. Riders will have the peace of mind to know that no matter if they are riding into a headwind or with a tailwind, if they add a full exhaust system or free-flowing air filter to their bike, the Fi2000 PowrPro will instantly and automatically optimize fuel delivery to give them the best performance possible with their equipment combination and environment.”

This system calculates the bike’s rate of acceleration much like a dynamometer. That allows the PowrPro to measure and adjust fuel flow to the injectors in microseconds for super-fast fuel tuning—automatically. No external data, such as new EFI mapping, is necessary.

Older so-called auto-tune systems rely on O2 sensors that must be installed in the exhaust pipe to adjust the air/fuel ratio according to a pre-set map—but varying conditions can render that EFI mapping less than ideal. And regardless of how many dyno runs you perform, you always end up with only one EFI map—which may not provide the optimum setting for the way you’ll be riding tomorrow, next month or next year.

With PowrPro installed, it’s like having a built-in dyno that not only reads how the bike is performing in real time in the real world, it also adjusts the fuel delivery for ideal EFI performance—multiple times per second. Whenever you twist open the throttle, PowrPro goes on, assuring that the fueling system and the bike are operating at optimum efficiency.

Unlike other systems, PowrPro offers plug-in performance: no bungs, no O2 sensors, no computer hook-ups or downloads, no sorting through a bewildering array of EFI maps to find one that’s just right. And there is no need to run the bike on the dyno to tune or verify tuning settings. You simply plug the PowrPro into your bike’s existing wiring harness and immediately enjoy continuously variable tuning as PowrPro delivers the optimum fuel mixture instantly and dynamically under all riding conditions.

And no matter which components you change in the future, whether it’s a new exhaust system, a freer-flowing air filter setup or even a big-bore hop-up kit with new camshafts, PowrPro continues to analyze and tune your engine for peak performance.