Cities Supporting 2011 Motorcycle and Scooter Annual ‘Ride To Work Day’

Aerostich is proud to support the 20th annual Motorcycle and Scooter Ride to Work Day, to be held on Monday, June 20th. Over a million commuters participate and demonstrate the positive benefits of riding for transportation, which include: reduced traffic and parking congestion, decreased commute times, and lessened fuel consumption.

Many City administrations support this popular event by proclamation, and some also do so by providing motorcycle and scooter parking at municipal ramps and metered spaces at no charge during this day. Your city can join with hundreds of others, including motorcycle and scooter groups, and other organizations already supporting Ride to Work Day.

We encourage your participation in Ride to Work Day to help demonstrate the positive benefits of motorcycling. And if you really want to step-up and be a champion for the cause, the links below contain templates for sending a letter to the mayor of your city to request an official proclamation in support of Ride to Work Day. Let’s work together to make this the most successful Ride to Work Day to date! Reasons to encourage motorcycle and scooter commuting include:

• Motorcycles and scooters share parking spaces, providing more parking for everyone else.
• Motorcycles and scooters consume fewer resources than most other mobility options.
• Motorcycles and scooters reduce traffic congestion and save travel time.

Riders seek both government and employer support for these benefits. Proclamations of support, and providing motorcycle and scooter parking at no charge on Ride to Work Day, are great ways to encourage a beneficial (and enjoyable) form of transportation.

Supporter Information:
• Here is a template for a letter to city Mayors, requesting an official proclamation of support for Ride to Work Day.
• Here is a template for a support proclamation that any city can use to support riding.
• Here is a list of all 2006 - 2009 supporting cities, and .pdf files of each city's proclamation. If your city officially supports Ride to Work Day by proclamation, contact local media, and also send us a copy of the Proclamation so we can post it on our website.