Celebrate Easy Rider's 40th Birthday With Dennis Hopper At Taos Summer Of Love 2009

February 18, 2009 - TAOS, NEW MEXICO: Easy Rider reigns supreme as the best biker movie of all time. The brilliance of writer, director and actor Dennis Hopper paved the way for "the New Hollywood" by sparking independent filmmaking fever in 1969. And, more importantly, the film showed the country what it meant to be a free spirit in the late '60s...the Cannes Film Festival winner has been called a "touchtone for a generation" that "captured the national imagination." Re-live the psychedelic era as you blaze a trail for gorgeous Taos, New Mexico -- Hopper's home at the time of filming and the location of many of the movie's famous scenes -- for Taos Summer of Love 2009, a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

From May through September, Taos Summer of Love 2009 will feature an amazing array of events, art, film and music. Not only will you be able to indulge in everything lovely, artistic and free about Taos, you'll get to ride the same roads filmed in Easy Rider....talk about bragging rights! And you could potentially meet Hopper himself, as he will be master of ceremonies over all things Taos this summer.

Taos Summer of Love 2009 events include a feast with Hopper! On May 3, the Harwood Museum of Art in Taos is hosting a fundraising dinner with Dennis Hopper; all proceeds benefit the Harwood Museum of Art. This dinner is the kickoff to the summer-long Dennis Hopper at The Harwood event. From May 8 to September 18, you can enjoy two Hopper-related shows: "Silver Gelatin Prints by Hopper" and "Hopper Curates," which features artwork by five artists.

Also in May, you can join thousands of fellow bikers May 22 - 25 at the 26th Annual Memorial Day Motorcycle Rally & Run-to Taos' Vietnam Memorial. The weekend will feature live music and food. The Red River Classic Car Show will be held the weekend of June 5-7, and Toast of Taos Wine Festival starts July 3. No summer would be complete with out a chili cook-off: You can taste to your heart's delight Aug 13 - 15 at Hot Chili Days, Cool Mountain Nights, located at Brandenburg Park, Red River.

These are just some of the many things you can enjoy in Taos this summer. But be sure to reserve some time for cruising the town on your bike. Any motorcycling fan will drool over the rugged, scenic landscapes and wide-open spaces that make Taos famous. More than 1,200 feet across from rim to rim, The Rio Grande Gorge offers visitors views of astonishing lava flow, extending to the Rio Grande Canyon, which is about 300 feet from side to side. And the Rio Grande Bridge is the second highest bridge in the US.

One of the most fascinating and famous scenic spots around town is the Taos Pueblo, home of the Taos-Tiwi Indians. It is located two miles north of Taos, and is at an elevation of 7,000 feet. At the Pueblo, you can experience the rich cultural heritage exemplified by the exquisite Native American architecture and the seasonal ceremonial dances. Please note: You can watch the dances but photography is strictly prohibited, which makes a trip to the pueblo all the more special.

Taos Summer of Love 2009 also features an exciting contest! Visit www.taossummeroflove.com to enter your name in the Summer of Love Sweepstakes for a chance to win a $4,000 trip to Taos! The package includes airfare, three nights accommodations for two, a guided Harley-Davidson tour of the town, spa treatments for two, museum passes and more!

So dust off the love beads, don your fringed leather jacket, and roll on into to Taos this summer! For information, visit www.taossummeroflove.com.