Capistrano Hill Climb | Pardon Our Pride!

When we point again to the Henderson string of records

From the May 1924 issue of Motorcyclist magazine

The Twenty-four Hour

At Tacoma, Wash. 1562.54 miles. Made May 31, 1922.

The Boston to Chicago

1239 miles in 41 hours, 25 minutes. May 4, 1923.

The Thousand Mile

14 hours, 27 minutes. Made at Tacoma, Wash. May 31, 1922.

Police Trials, San Diego, Calif.

100 miles per hour, April 30, 1923.

The Three Flag Sidecar

Mexico to Canada. 1685 Miles. 54 hours, 42 minutes. Dated June 22, 1923

Capistrano Hill Climb

The only 4 cylinder ever going over the top. Done by Henderson DeLuxe in both trials. April 8, 1923.

And Now World’s Low Gear Sidecar

134 miles in 5 hours, 40 minutes---23.65 m.p.h.

What better proof of Henderson Versatility, Speed, Power, Endurance and General Superiority! Excelsior Motor Manufacturing and Supply Co.

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